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As in the meaning of express my confession I will always “endure” her “meddle”, who call we are a! Is quarrelsome lovers now people’s life, beautiful land of the country through the group travel, is the leisure life an important part Love yourself, life without sighing; Love yourself, no longer rugged road, Love yourself, cold snap the warm; Love yourself, a summer breeze The whole only eggplant on the rice cooker steamed, and dinner, use slice scoop up dressed rotten egg plant, with porcelain cup dish, with bamboo chopsticks stir the paste, and then put the lard, coarse salt, stir well Father, the daughter in the dream waiting for you!!!!! Give you a father’s day! -Look at your eyes tears, my heart coach factory outlet hurts so much!I know it is your true love and you shed Of course not to eat out the flavor So, the kitchen has a kitchen god also is not strange Began to think that is the seasons change, the leaves are also reloading Investing in a girl determines what her future will be like and her potential familys future her economic possibilities, her health and her childrens educationNThe day before yesterday, small wong on the QQ said everyone get together ha! Set a good time, and on a few familiar with colleagues, in the little swan met on the table I sit lie difficult Ann, don’t sleep coach factory outlet all night, and daughter can not contact, feel is about to collapse, really want to double wings fly in the past, see daughter?The sixth day daughter still no news, I was on pins and needles worried that her daughter was ill, worried about my daughter heart all The seventh day today, my daughter came back, looking at her quiet sleep in my side, looking at her body be bitten by a mosquito red a purple one, see the zhang face, lost a lot of, the in the mind really not the taste, of daughter before I told her asleep to see her to send my things, I carefully from under the pillow daughter take out a piece of paper, so it’s daughter to my letter!Dear mother: tomorrow I can go home to see you and dad, I want to talk with you at this time I feel these days, I have to leave you 6 days, just a few days, I feel that you and dad left, he thought of you, and hate you, the military instructor let us every day against the sun stood outside station operation running, don’t Coach Outlet Online let drink don’t let eat, good pain, at that time really want to mother wash the fruit every day on my desk, my legs ache are going to stand up, do push-ups when hands are worn, it hurts, noon meal yuck, miss you of doing the dishes, especially in the evening, a dozen men lived in a room, and hot and noisy, just a lie down and have mosquito visitors, the hum of the end, that night I cry all night Began to think that is the seasons change, the leaves are also reloadingToday is you of 13 years old of birthday, mom just want to say to you, heng son, you are now in the middle school, although learning is very important, but you also don’t too tired, want to know how to adjust their own work and rest time, mother most like you this kind of don’t throw in the towel and the spirit of perseverance, believe Coach Outlet Online that the rest of your life road such as your name in everything, go wellA whole night, we all miss her, thinking about her, worried about herToday is the lunar July 15, according to legend, this day is “the hungry ghost festival”, on this day to visit lost loved ones, is in the wish another world people wish come true, happy to enjoy human had time to enjoy happiness

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