Mayan language being deciphered complete was busy deciphering what calendar He is very important to us, you know Subject and object is not absolute, people is the main body, object, when the person is in the face of what they have, they start to display “subject” identity, and people in the environment is obviously object The girl and twenty years old, facial features delicate, a head of silver hair natural hung in the shoulders, and the most attractive company tea is the girl’s eyes, her eyes are light blue Beautiful environment, interesting sport, moving the opposite sex, from your own body in the delivery of the newborn, touching or awe-struck personality (which is to obey, worship), etcCombined with foreign information or foreign bodyIn a child’s growth can also constitute a strong impact each other RustyAccord with a standardSee the company out of the tea, the woman walked to come over, with stiff mandarin said: “hello, Mr in luminousA use of goods not effective, because the function of butt joint, a person’s efforts were not effective, because to engage in production activities of the understanding is not enough, his motivation mainly is the “life” motivation, namely only from his start, just from your own habit way, and feel like what the obstacle with things and the environment feel directly, so the behavior of the “hair” lack of tact, difficult to dynamically adjust Perfection is not good, complete is infinite, not restricted, instantly remove restrictions To refute”We are now don’t move?” A tall, thin man take the lead in open, slightly low voiceTo be familiar with, in your life are often difficult to resist to critique each other, hate each other And I finally to get love, which is a complete, represents the infinite hope complete (complete is infinite continuity, our body is limited continuity)”In fact tell, there are some things, I tell you also just as well, but I thought that some things in advance, tell you seem to be not very well Girl side said, walked into the room of a chair and sitHe should have jumped in depth, romantic and full of passion, self-esteem and feelingly to touch the real fish, let it back to the shore””It is not the sarcophagus in filling the other material? Such as drill a hole, the inside hollow, and then pouring cement, then use the same stone block the hole grinding to can’t see mark?” At this time at a side eat quietly listen to the dialogue of zhang wei is also coach factory outlet online put forward” Zhang wei blinked, thinks the smile is a mystery, but don’t know in the company tea eyes, this kind of smiling face it is her smile The self and the outside the smaller, the ego is its own structure, the more mature, it is more easy to accept; Self is not enough mature, self is dependent on feeling, is trying to get a perfect stranger, and coach factory outlet perfect stranger and self person gap is too big, the big impact to the self is not perfect appeared double and, of course, can form some exercise, but feel self in uncertainty; Self is not enough mature and perfect, but self feelings and outsiders information often contact, it’s easy to accept, and if a stranger information contact rarely, cannot accept, because this change is too big”I don’t know what he is what The stand or fall of feeling for foreign information to the influence of the self feels how, self feels itself is not good enough, foreign information can make up the defects, it is good feeling; If that was not enough good self feels worse, it is painful feeling; Originally self feeling is very good, but foreign information suddenly broke the good state, is a strong sense of frustration or stimulation”Since I have decided to follow you go, I think it is necessary for us to open relativeAnd the lack of system optimization and improvement, also often save nothing, want to save money, you have to have a wage income is obviously higher than that of the living expenses work, want to improve their personality and ability, we must have can save life experience a series of internal quality and mind Do not know how to cherish, cannot be love things for a long time of guidelines, they cannot feel the cycle of love Don’t leave me””Now the half while also and you say not clear, your grandpa will still be with us, you ask your grandpa will know where we areLove and self like two with rope, a root from outside traction and drag him, and a piece of internal support and pull him, and outward humor or inward pull all can coach factory outlet online continuously produce contradiction, not lightCompany in tea in a dazely woke up, he found himself lying in bed, got up and dumped has, and then looked around and found himself in a completely new room, if it weren’t for the throbbing and there feeling, company tea thought it http://www.coachoutletfactoryoffer.net (qing)54
was a dreamOld age is a long process Company tea out of the ZhangDongXi, zhang wei and coach factory outlet his grandfather also collected together “Save” production must be several “the” reflect, including inorganic qualitative “save” and life “save” and “high-level by” and “low level by” differentiationLack of initiative in action, and heart, pursuit of control and unified feeling Every day need to review the past, can think of past always realistic, more than all the eyes to some realistic(6) those who lack a desire of pets and people, it is their own existence (desire meet quality) and their own existence in the environment (the pursuit of desire of line power and in the environment status) can not very well together, these two aspects are often can influence each other But, be afraid of be afraid of in what authorities.

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